Hustler Mowers

January 6th, 2011

Don’t you just hate seeing the overgrown grass in your lawn? No need to fret and grab those giant deadly garden scissors! Instead, opt for the easy and practical hustler mowers.

There are different kinds of lawn mowers to choose from, where each one is suited to a particular purpose. The smallest types that can be pushed by humans are called the cylinder mowers. They are appropriate for small residential lawns and gardens. The larger self-contained ride-on mowers are suitable for larger lawns. For large expanses of grass like in golf courses and municipal parks, the largest, multi-gang mowers pulled behind a tractor should be used.

Hustler Residential Mowers

The main hustler lawn mower specifically designed for residential use is FasTrak. Though relatively small, it meets the high standards and functionality measures of professional lawn mowers. These kinds of Hustler mowers are riding lawn machines that brilliantly cut the turf and facilitate ease in maneuvering even around challenging obstacles like hedges and trees. For picture-perfect lawns, there are ideal trimming functions by getting close to flower beds and sidewalks.

There are various sizes and engines for FasTrak Hustler mowers. To fit with catchers and mulching kits, there is a side-discharge lawn mowing deck. For smaller lawns, the Mini FasTrack is suitable. Kohler or Honda engines are used for this small ride-on lawn mower. The Mini also features mulching capabilities, two-size deck cutting and comfortable seat capacity for the operator.

Home owners will be happy to know that these products are conveniently covered by a two-year warranty on parts and labor. There is also a lifetime warranty that covers the machines’ frames.

Hustler Commercial Mowers

For commercial use, there is a more advanced range of Hustler mowers. Hustler’s flagship lawn mower model is the Super Z. Known as the fastest lawn mower in the market, it runs at about 15 miles per hour. Hustler claims that the Super Z could effortlessly outpace and surpass other lawn mowers from other manufacturers.

The Super Z’s 25-horsepower strength separates it from other commercial lawn mowers. Its hydraulic cooler ensures optimum temperature control especially when the machine is operating at a very high speed. Its outstanding slope-handling capabilities and effective vacuum catchers ensure thorough and clean grass cutting.

The 4000 series of Hustler mowers offers more choices of unmatched sturdiness and performance. The machines outperform competitors as they are rated for about an extra 15 acres of lawn per day. This commercial Hustler lawn mower is the most suitable for the most challenging and toughest lawn mowing tasks because it is ultra heavy-duty.