Hustler Lawn Mowers

The quote “Necessity is the mother of invention” goes well with the creation of the hustler lawn mowers. In 1964, Kansan John Reiger invented the first zero-turn mower when he realized he needed to do something for his frustrated wife’s difficult grass-cutting duties.

By modifying a design for a steering system and transmission used in haying equipment, Regier created a different type of mower, which could reverse directions in a turn with exactly zero degrees radius. He named his zero-turn mower the Workhorse, a reference possibly both to his wife’s and the mower’s hard labor. He later renamed it the Hustler, after the B-58 fighter-bomber he saw in the pages of Popular Science magazine.

Zero-turn Hustler lawn mowers can do a 180-degree turn without leaving any uncut grass. This kind of turf mower enables wheels to rapidly turn because of its maximum lever movement capabilities for highest fluid flow. Once both wheels spin at equal speeds, the machine follows a straight path. On the other hand, if one wheel stops and the other one turns or when the wheels turn in opposite directions, the mower pivots.

Just working in his home workshop, Reiger built and sold over 24 Hustler lawn mowers. Recognizing the reality that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with production alone, he took his design to Excel Industries in Hesston, a neighboring town. As Excel was looking to expand its product base beyond producing tractor cabs, the company brought the rights of Hustler from Reiger. The assembly line and factory production of high-quality hustler mowers quickly started.

Hustler lawn mowers have been recognized as zero-turn commercial mower experts for more than 40 years. Its products are known for easy access and lower-than-average maintenance cost. These lawn mowers are also known for their speed. When other competitors brag about reaching six miles per hour, some Hustler models can hit 15 miles per hour.

Hustler lawn mowers, both residential and commercial, have become the most complete and reliable in the turf market. The company makes sure its lawn mower products provide the best functions and services on the market. Hustler provides the most dependable, useful, and time-saving lawn care products.

The company also remains progressively committed to providing quality customer service, ensuring that every Hustler dealer is ready to assist and answer the customers’ questions. It trains dealers so they can provide maintenance assistance as well. In dealership outlets in different parts of the world, the Hustler name denotes high quality, useful innovation, and superior customer care.

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