Hustler Mower Prices

As one of the pioneering manufacturers of zero-turn lawn mowers, hustler mowers was founded in 1964 by John Reiger, a resident of Moundridge, Kansas. Reiger produced his first mower to lessen his wife’s difficulty in her mowing duties. During that time, he built his lawn mower using haying equipment. He initially called it the Workhorse then changed its name to Hustler. Reiger did not have enough resources and workers so decided to sell the Hustler rights to Excel Industries.

Hustler has been recognized as zero-turn commercial mower experts for over 40 years. hustler mower prices are unquestionable because customers are assured easy access and lower-than-average maintenance cost for their chosen Hustler products. In addition, hustler lawn mowers are known for their speed. When other turf manufacturers boast about reaching six miles per hour, a number of Hustler models can reach 15 miles per hour.

Hustler caters to both residential and commercial lawn care needs. The company has its own network of independent retail shops around the world to sell its lawn products. Hustler now has over 1,200 dealers in the United States of America. It also has more than 40 distributors worldwide. Hustler lawn mowers are appropriately priced, long-lasting mowers that will complement any type of lawn.

The hustler mower prices are justifiable because of the great features of the lawn mowers. Since they are zero-turn mowers, they effortlessly cut closely even around difficult areas. These types of mowers can make 180-degree turns, leaving no uncut grass.

The Hustler mower prices depend on the package customers avail of. The motor, horsepower and deck size affect the price. For example, the suggested retail price of the Fastrak with a 19-horsepower Kohler and a 48-inch deck is $4699, while the Kawasaki with the same horsepower and deck size costs $6099. For the Hustler Mini Fastrak, the 17-horsepower Kohler with a 42-inch deck costs $4699, while the 16-horsepower Honda with a 36-inch deck costs $4989.

FasTrak is the main hustler lawn mower specifically designed for residential use. The Mini FastTrak, on the other hand, is suitable for much smaller lawns. Even though these turfs are small, they meet the high standards and functionality measures of professional turf equipment. These kinds are riding lawn machines that remarkably cut the turf. Driving them is easy; maneuvering even around tough obstacles like hedges and trees can be done smoothly. They assure picture-perfect lawns because of their ideal trimming functions that get close to flower beds and sidewalks.

Choose the right Hustler turf equipment for your perfect-looking home. For Hustler mower prices, visit your nearest Hustler dealer now.

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