Hustler Mowers Reviews

You will find in hustler mowers reviews how satisfied the customers with their purchased mowers are. Hustler is known as one of the best manufacturers of turf equipment. The company is under Excel Industries, one of the top makers of firm equipment.

A resident of Moundridge, Kasas named John Reiger is the founder of hustler mowers. The creation of zero-turn mowers, which makes the beautifying lawns a lot easier and faster, is attributed to the humble machinist. Basing his mower design on the steering system of haying equipment, he came up with what he called the Workhorse, which he later on renamed to Hustler. Realizing he did not have the resources for manpower and capital, he sold the rights for Hustler to Excel.

Hustler mowers reviews would attest that Hustler stays true to its commitment to provide total reliability with their products, ensuring that every component is in top standards. The brand also backs each machine with the best warranty offers in the industry. Imagine getting a great deal of a lifetime warranty for the leading edge of the deck and frame, as well as an assurance of an industry-best warranty for the parts and labor.

Since Hustler aims to be the best in the turf equipment industry, each sold lawn mower offers performance, durability and comfort, increasing productivity in less time. With the SmoothTrak steering, users can glide through the lawn and through obstacles easily and comfortably. In some Hustler mowers reviews, customers claim to enjoy using their Hustler mowers too much that they even do their neighbors’ lawns.

Customers in Hustler mowers reviews state that the mowers they bought have outstanding handling on slopes because of the low seat height, perfect placement of weight over the drive tires and excellent machine balance. The Fusion blades used in Hustler mowers create an ultra-hard layer at the blade’s cutting edge, maintaining its sharpness. These types of blades stay sharper as much as two to three times longer than ordinary blades. Less sharpening enables users to save a lot of money.

A number of Hustler mowers reviews state that Hustler turf products are low maintenance. Since it uses top-of-the-line components in engines, hydraulics, bearings and other components, more money is saved.

Apart from building high quality products, Hustler also builds customer relationships. They provide application assistance, where they train all their dealers to assist their customers regarding total service and parts. With over 40 years of continuous service, Hustler has definitely set the standard for durability, reliability and ease of service.

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